Journal of Transcultural Communication

目录 | Journal of Transcultural Communication: 第一卷第一期





Fei Jiang, Stephen Michael Croucher and Deqiang Ji

Editorial: Historicizing the Concept of Transcultural Communication

Research Articles

Sibo Chen and Cary Wu

#Stop Asian Hate: Understanding the Global Rise of Anti-Asian Racism from a Transcultural Communication Perspective

Daya Thussu

Transcultural Communication for a Polycentric World

François Heinderyckx

The Confines of News Universalism

Marco Cucco and Giuseppe Richeri

European Film Commissions as Transcultural Promoters and Mediators

Min Hang, Qiren Xiang and Dongxiao Li

Covering China’s New Development Pattern: Issues and Strategies for Transcultural Communication

Juana Du and Mingshi Cui

Intercultural Dialogues in Third Spaces: A Study of Learning Experiences of Museum Visitors

Sinela Jurkova

Transcultural Competence Model: An Inclusive Path for Communication and Interaction



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